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San Diego Attorney: Featuring In-Home Consultations and reasonably priced legal documents: living trusts, wills, other estate planning documents, and prenuptial agreements - complete estate plans starting as low as $575.00 and prenuptial agreements with a base fee of $500.00.

Craig J. Bauman, Attorney at Law (858) 488-1497
Email: contact@baumanenterprises.com

San Diego Attorney: Representing Clients in Estate Planning, Livings Trusts, Wills and related documents.

Welcome to the San Diego law firm of Craig J. Bauman. Not only do I offer high-quality, reasonably-priced legal services, but I also offer the option of having all consultations in the privacy of your own home, at no extra cost!

The legal services I offer include: Estate Planning (Living Trusts, Wills, Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Real Property Trust Transfers, Probate, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Inheritance Disputes)
" Other Legal Services (Prenuptial Agreements, LLCs, Incorporations)

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A complete set of estate planning documents, including instructions and funding assistance starting at $575.00 for most people, for which most attorneys charge between $1,200.00 and $1,500.00 (and for that price you have to go to their office).Please click on Estate Planning Portfolio if you would like to see a description of what is included at the $525.00 price.


Yes, your eyes did not deceive you! I offer clients the option of having all consultations in the privacy of their own home, at no extra cost. For more information on this service, please click on In-Home Consultations. In-home consultations, at no extra charge, are offered in the following areas:

Alpine, San Diego Oceanside, San Diego
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The subject of revocable living trusts, for many people, still remains a mystery. That is mainly because most people do not understand what happens when a person dies. We all imagine that all we have to do is to place in writing, ( a Will), instructions as to who is supposed to receive our assets when we die. The typical comment by many people is that, "I just want everything to go to my kids! It's that simple!" Unfortunately, is is not "that simple". That is what most people do not understand and that is why most people do not appreciate the advantages of a Revocable Living Trust.

Death and Probate: Here is actually what happens when a person dies without a Trust:


Doctors, with only very rare exceptions, do not make house calls anymore. Traditionally, "as a rule", attorneys have never made house calls. However, I am the exception to the rule. I do not mind the travel and I find that it is much easier on the client and the client is more relaxed and focused, when appointments are held in their home.


Included in the standard Estate Plan are the following:

Revocable Living Trust
Trust Asset List
Will(s) (Pour-over type)
Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
Advance Health Care Directive
Funding Instructions
Trust Transfer Deed for Home
Funding Letters
Documents Location List
Notification List
Settlement Instructions


- A/B or A/B/C Trusts:
- Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT):
- Charitable Giving:
- Family Limited Partnerships:



By completing a simple questionaire, followed by an initial consultation, drafts of the agreement can be produced for review. A second attorney serves as the attorney for one of the parties and then the agreement is executed. The fees for most couples is $500.00 plus the cost of the second attorney. Please click on Establishing a Prenuptial Agreement for a discussion of the provisions that may be included in a Prenuptial Agreement and the typical process/time involved.


- Prenuptial Agreement / Income

- Prenuptial Agreement / Assets/Debts

- Prenuptial Agreement / Expenses

- Prenuptial Agreement / Real Property Assets

- Prenuptial Agreement / Real Property Acquired

- Prenuptial Agreement / Personal Property Acquired

- Prenuptial Agreement / Health Ins. / Medical Care Costs

- Prenuptial Agreement / Children

- Prenuptial Agreement / Amending, Resolving Difference / Liquidated Damages

- Prenuptial Agreement / Dissolution Provisions

- Prenuptial Agreement / Death – Estate Planning

- Prenuptial Agreement / Other/Optional Provisions




What is the" Revocable" part of a Revocable Living Trust?

How do I fund (put assets in) my trust?

What is the prupose of placing assets in the name of my Trust?

What is this about saving taxes with a Trust?

How does having a Trust avoid the need for a Conservatorship?

What is the difference between a "living will" and a living trust?

Under what circumstances is just having a Will OK?

What is a Pour-over Will?

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Craig J. Bauman, Attorney at Law (858) 488-1497

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